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Being A Film Director: Interview with Niki

Updated: May 7

The second team member to be interviewed about her experiences and role is Niki, our film director!

Niki studied Graphic Design which is a great basis for creating any moving imagery.

Niki joined the team 6 months ago but actually started her career by being an On-air Designer at Nickelodeon. After 4 years animating title sequences and coming up with brand packaging, she shifted to looking after the whole brief by producing and directing kids promos. After that, she worked for VH1, MTV for 8 years and then decided to undertake the freelance life and mainly worked with the Discovery channel.

Here are a couple of questions and answers about how she got here and what does her role involve:

What are your daily tasks?

"It's a difficult question for the role I have since it really depends on the project we have to work on. In general, though, my usual task is to come up with the best creative solution for a brief.

Which is your favourite part of being a film director?

I love directing because it is my responsibility to control what the final piece looks and feels like.

Which is the most challenging aspect of being a film director?

I believe challenges are at the same time exciting and luckily after a while when you've been working in the same field you learn how to overcome these challenges. Budget constraints are always challenging but again, there's always a workaround to make the best out of it.

Which is a project you particularly enjoyed?

I really liked working on the project for Tumbler, we had a lot of freedom from the client to run with the brief so this gave space to many different ideas.

Which are 3 skills that you believe are important in this role?

-Clear communication 


-Thinking on your feet

What tip would you give to anyone who wants to become studio manager?

Find a spot, advert. animation or film that you love or wish you had made, break down the essence of what it's saying and ask yourself how you'd have approached it.

Last random question: which is your favourite food?

Seafood ramen from Wagamama.


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